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Visa Services

A UAE visa is an endorsement on a passport indicating that the holder is allowed to enter, leave or stay for a stipulated period in UAE. It is an entry approval granted to a person under the UAE’s requirements and conditions allowing the person to visit, remain or leave after some time.

What are the Types of Visas in UAE?

Several types of visas are available and issued in UAE. As a business owner in Dubai, UAE. It is crucial to properly understand the peculiarities of the various types of visas to enable you to make the right decisions

The types of visas include:
We give the various visa service in Dubai such as:

Employment / Work Visa Dubai

To work in Dubai UAE, it is necessary to have a work visa. To apply for a work visa Dubai, you need to have a valid job in the country. Generally, an employer sponsors the visa application of employees and pays all necessary fees. Once the person applying for an employment visa in UAE is in the country, the person is required to grow through other processes like getting a labor card, an Emirates ID card, and a work residency permit which will be issued by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) from the Emirate of Dubai or another emirate you will be working in. Our Visa agents for Dubai services help you in getting your work visa to work in UAE.

Investor Visa in Dubai

Also referred to as a partner visa, this visa is obtained by foreign investors. Obtaining an investor visa Dubai legally allows you to enter, stay and get involved in business activities in the UAE. If looking to set up or invest in a company in Dubai, UAE, you are required to obtain an investor visa in Dubai. A UAE investor visa is valid for 3 years.

Tourist Visa in Dubai

A Tourist Visa UAE, Dubai is obtained by tourists visiting Dubai. Tourist Visa for Dubai is issued to foreigners who are not permitted to enter the UAE through a visa on arrival or visa-free-entry option. A tourist visa holder is permitted to stay in the UAE for 30-90 days. To get a tourist visa dubai, a UAE airline, hotel, and tour operators. The applicant’s passport is expected to be valid for 6 months from the date of the journey.

Residence Visa Dubai

Also known as a family visa, a residence visa uae allows a foreigner to reside permanently in the UAE. A person with a residence visa in uae can obtain a visa for immediate family members like their spouse, parents, and/or children under 18 years of age.
For a resident visa in Dubai to be valid, the holder has to enter the UAE at least once every six months. A violation of this rule will result in the holder getting the visa blocked which can be renewed after compliance with certain rules. A UAE family visa can be used for a maximum of 3 years.
It is expected to be renewed at least 30 days before expiration. In cases where the family visas are dependent on the resident sponsor, a valid residency permit is required for the family visas to be valid.

Other types of visas include Maid Visa in Dubai, UAE freelance visa, UAE student visa, UAE e-visa (UAE online visa), UAE transit visa, UAE visit visa, and UAE service visa