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Product Registration In Dubai

Dubai has become a major trading hub for product & trademark registration in the world. All forms of trading activities such as importation, exportation, manufacture, distribution, and re-exportation are widely known to thrive in Dubai. Due to this, the government of Dubai established a product registration process. The goal of this process is to regulate trading activities and ensure that only high-quality goods are traded in Dubai, UAE. As we do! Adijat Facilities Management Services Business Center provides the complete handling of product registration in Dubai municipality.

What do we offer?

We offer the complete guide on how to register products in Dubai municipality and methods for trademark registration. As the Ministry of Health regulates and controls the manufacture, importation, exportation, sale, and advertisement of health products which may also include food items.

The Dubai Municipality – an arm of the Dubai government with jurisdiction over city services and upkeep in the Emirate of Dubai that allows products to be marketed, distributed, sold, and imported in Dubai.All forms of products in Dubai can be registered and are mandated to be registered before any kind of trading activity. These products registered in Dubai are integrated into a system making it easy for government bodies, consumers, buyers, and traders to get all the information about any product.

We Will Help You With Your Trademark Registration in Dubai, UAE

Trademark registration or trademark renewal in Dubai could be a daunting process and Adijat Facilities Management Services Business Setup and Formation Services is here to assist with the process and make it hassle-free. We are expert and experienced business consultants, who have an intricate knowledge of the trademark registration process in Dubai, UAE and we will work with you through ensuring your trademark registration is successful. We have a team of first-tier lawyers who will help you through the trademark registration in Dubai, explaining the process every step of the way, to ensure a successful run of your company with our professional product & trademark registration services. Contact us now to get more information about trademark registration and product registration.

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